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The Faculty of Textile Technology is the only institution of higher learning in the field of textile technology, with the aim to reproduce research and highly educated experts in the field in the Republic of Croatia. The courses proposed here are highly ranked regarding their purposefulness, having in mind the active and developed labour market in the fields of textiles and fashion design, both in state-owned and private sector.

The programmes of all the courses proposed are based on contemporary scientific know-how in textiles and textile technologies, as well as on the newest developments and trends in global fashion design. The importance of confirming and preserving the authentic Croatian fashion has also been integrated into the programmes. The courses proposed have been made with the fact in mind that the textile industry has been increasingly automated, new fibres and materials have been introduced in the manufacture, and nano-technological innovations have also been implemented. The knowledge to be acquired in basic engineering and science, as well as the familiarity with high-tech innovations in the field, all of them necessary for the development of modern fibres with engineered properties, is such that it enables the students to further their education at the postgraduate course. The courses also include profound knowledge in the field of environment protection, rational material and energy management. Responsible approach to environment protection is encouraged and the requirements of sustainable development implemented. Being aware of the fact that an expert in textile technology should, besides the knowledge of the technology itself, have a considerable knowledge in marketing and management, we have integrated these subjects into the courses, wishing that our graduates would be modern technologists, possessing the knowledge and competences to be successful in the competitive industrial environment. The knowledge of this kind has mostly not been a part of the curricula until now, and we hope to improve our courses by including specialized subjects in the above fields.

The existing research potential of the Faculty of Textile Technology contributes to the contemporary scientific development in the field of textiles, which is, together with strong ties with the industry, a promising situation in organizing a successful, high-tech and environmentally friendly textile manufacture in Croatia.

The Faculty of Textile Technology is organizing university and professional studies (courses).

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