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Course: Introduction to Scientific Research
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Sandra Bischof, Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Clothing Engineering
Course summary 2 (1+1+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice, seminars
Subject content The characteristics of scientific research. Basic principles of scientific categories. The methods of scientific and professional research. Scientific and professional work and research. Classification of papers. The technology of scientific and professional research. Setting a hypothesis. Searching for the data in literature and scientific documents. Data bases. Making a draft research plan. Preparation and structure of work. Formulating and application of the results obtained through investigation. Writing a paper and technical processing (linguistic, style, terminology, metric). The technique of preparing a manuscript. Editing and correcting the text. The elements of a printed publication.
Aim of course Mastering the above topics offers theoretical and practical methodology of writing a scientific and/or professional papers, from setting the thesis, based on the development of the general idea, to the methods of using scientific documents, making the research plan, selection of an appropriate method, systematic and clear presentation of results and formation of adequate and unambiguous conclusion. All of these are important prerequisites of writing a high-quality paper, such that could be published in the best magazines.
Literature necessary for course Zelenika R.: Methodology and technology of writing a scientific or professional paper (in Croatian), University of Rijeka, 2000.; ISBN: 953-614-810-2
Pavić H.: Scientific information (in Croatian), University of Zagreb, Zagreb 1985.
Supplement literature Kniewald J.: Methodology of scientific work (in Croatian), University of Zagreb, Zagreb 1993.; ISBN 953 606-01-9
Gačić M.: How to write a diploma thesis (in Croatian), Školska knjiga, Zagreb 1987.
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