Faculty of Textile Technology
CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies) - the basis of the program performs the mobility of professors and students for the purpose of scientific, professional and academic training at the following Universities: Maribor (Slovenia), Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Lodz (Poland), Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), Novi Sad (Serbia), Banja Luka (Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina).

CIII-SI-0217-08-1415 Ars-Techne: Design and Development of Multifunctional Products

Within the network CIII-SI-0217-08-1415, both students and teachers mobility will be realised, as follows:

1. Exchange of students,
2. Joint project " Ars-Techne: Design and Development of Multifunctional Products" and
3. Joint PhD studies.

In the first group of activities, mobility of students and teachers will be realized, as follows:

1.a) For regular students as effective scholarship months (one semester), with the mutual recognition of ECTS/ECTS compatible system as it was done previously.
1.b) For short term students: preparation and/or research work for the final diploma as well as outline scheme designed to the research activities within “Design and Development of Multifunctional Products" study tasks. Postgraduate students (PhD) whose period of the study abroad will serve the purpose of targeted research towards their thesis. Actual topics within study tasks (like e.g. types of multifunctional products, including intelligent clothing, ways of function, special requirements on protective multifunctional cloth, materials, finishes, comfort, etc), will be previously worked out between two supervision (one at the home University and one from the host University. Such kind of collaborations has already been proved in previous networks as rightful, witness with several PhD or MSc Thesis that were done by CEEPUS students and their host mentors. Each participant (students and professors) will prepare a paper (professional, scientific or simple view on mobility) that will be published in students’ journal as an effort of CEEPUS applicant to promote CEEPUS program, our network and students mobility.
1.c) Planned teacher’ mobility actions, included in "Traffic Sheet - Networks" will include the methodological lecture (workload: 6 teaching hours per week), mainly in areas that professors on host Faculty do not cover, and the supervision role (doctoral thesis) of research work in the area of Design and Development of Multifunctional products, based on experience gained in previous years within networks.
1.d) Short term excursion – that have proven in the academic year 2012/13 as an extremely efficient. This year we are planning short-term excursion between the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb and the University of Maribor, where on organized workshop students will learn about specific design (University of Zagreb) and realize experimental part of objective evaluation of mechanical properties of fabric related to clothing fit (University of Maribor).

The second group of activities referred to the joint project “Ars-Techne: Design and Development of Multifunctional Products“. The proposal is design in such a way that it will contain the focused research that should fit into the research programme as project work "Targeted design" and „Multifunctional products”. Multifunctional products, such as intelligent and/or protective cloths (fibres, yarns composites and garment) are products of interdisciplinary work and at this moment, they present rapidly growing sector, both in research and design/production field. The program comprehends two parts (combine classical network activities with new requirements):

2.a) Part – 1 Study of existing achievements in the area of new materials and their application to protective textile product and
2.b) Part – 2 Engineering of multifunctional - intelligent textile products of new generation.

Furthermore the special attention will be dedicated to Joint PhD program. Namely, the long-time cooperation of textile oriented Faculties within this network has raise the idea of joint PhD program that might present a step forward in textile and design education through its possibility to be adaptive and in a way a kind of quick response to the need of EU employees. For this purpose the following activities will be carry out:

3.a) Definition of structure of Joint PhD program and competence for each partners (milestone I 2014/09/30),
3.b) Formation of the time-table of activities (milestone I 2014/09/30),
3.c) Design of the draft proposal of joint PhD program (milestone II 2015/02/15),
3.d) Search for funding opportunities and
3.e) Preparation of necessary documentation for program’s evaluation (milestone III 2015/069/30).

The exchange program accepted for:
Academic year 2014/2015

Mobility costs for Croatian students and teachers are covered by MSES (the cost of transportation (train 1st or 2nd class), travel and life insurance), while host state covers the costs of monthly scholarship according to the rules of its NCO (National CEEPUS Office).

CEEPUS mobility can be used by: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and teachers in the position of assistant professor, associate or full professor.

Pre-application should include:
1st Completed form with general information (Personal Data)
2nd CV (Curriculum Vitae) with a description of the work plan during the stay and a description of any existing cooperation with teachers from partner institutions

Pre-application should be submitted to the e-mail: edita.vujasinovic@ttf.hr